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17 December, 2006

A much deserved time out

I have longed for this time out with wifey a good one month. Prior to wifey's missed abortion August this year with her sixth pregnancy, we used to go out on dates Friday evenings after work. It's just entirely impossible to go from home as Ib, the insecure one, will inevitably prevent such thing from happening....! He doesn't just whine but shakes up the entire neighbourhood with his ear-piercing cry whenever yours truly and wifey exclude the kids from our outings (yes Shilla & Jab, that was him just now before we went out!). But tonight we just walked-off and plugged our ears coz we needed time out desperately. No we are not selfish....; we brought everybody to the pool from 0730 hrs till 1000 hrs, then breakfast with them; spent time with them at home after that; attended a wedding with them thereafter......So there...!


Wanted to catch Casino Royale but only mid-nite show was available at TGV KLCC (sigh....). Our first stop was La Cucur since wifey had to have her dose of nescafe for the day which she claimed she had the misfortune of not having one since morning (which I think, now, she had one over breakfast......- I have been trying to coax her reduce her daily caffeine intake; without much success, as you can tell). We ended up with two packets of nasi lemak (between us) and her Nescafe considering we decided from home that we would not have dinner coz we pigged out at, yet again, a wedding this afternoon - I had three plateful of nasi minyak and so did wifey (maybe one plate less than I had). No drinks for me as they didn't serve mineral water...! I ended up with Creme Brulee Lecka Lecka ice cream (apparently 99.1% fat free) which station is just diagonally opposite La Cucur...It was a wee bit sweet for me but finished it anyway (How I wish I can have that ice cream from Gelatissimo, which I had in Sydney (near ChinaTown) a couple of years back....).

Ended up at Kinokuniya, our fave place browsing books and mags - how romantic. I was trying to find this book called "Ayat-ayat Cinta" by Habiburrahman El-shirazy (Al-Azhar University graduate from Indonesia) which came highly recommended by a friend. Unfortunately sold out! This may be a first Malay novel which I am going to add to my library collection! Our damage at Kino was only the latest National Geographic (for Khadijah) and Haven (for me as it features Henry Bong's house - owner of Pucuk Rebung, KLCC, which boasts his Malaya antique collection) magazines. I still have tonnes of books on the shelves waiting to be read. Currently reading Bill Bryson's "A Short History of Nearly Everything" and three other books.....

At the end of it, we felt rejuvenated and invigorated to face the trials and tribulations of the rat race for the week ahead!

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on my mind certainly constantly