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15 December, 2006


I slept about 8.30 pm last night whilst watching the news and waiting for dear wifey to return from her ad-hoc-customer-service job which she has been dumped with the past few days (Everyone in her office, yes not a single soul spared, to call existing pre-paid users to make sure that they are already registered before the 15th Dec deadline imposed by MCMC - Wifey was given abot 1350 names to call)...! I just knocked out and remained on the couch until 6.30 this morning sleeping soundly. Wifey seems to think that I have been under-eating. It might be the case! I have been skipping rice and substitute it with whole grains....(muesli or boiled mixed grains or bread/pasta made of only whole grains). I suppose, wifey is right this time - i need to increase the intake now. I have skipped the gym this morning to re-energize!

Wifey has also decided to join me at the gym every morning but only on two ocassions this week that it materialised..That's the thing about "the instructor" and "the doer" within your brain...You have to shut off the instructor mode and switch to the doer mode..otherwise nothing gets done! Well as for wifey, that's not the case. She cooks, irons, cleans etc every morning...despite having a full time maid in her employ (this is the reason why she only joined me at the gym twice this week) ! What to do...she sets the standard very high....end up doing things on her own. Well, the paramount criteria for us with the maid is to provide "day care" for the kids..The rest somehow is not that important for us....My contribution is to make sure that the clothes get washed everyday! Yup....I dont allow my maid to operate the washing machine!
Khadijah is back from Mak Tok's house...She's like wifey....! She just has to have her own bed to sleep in (one caveat tho.....hotel beds are fine for the both of them). Wifey just cannot sleep soundly if it's not our bed! This is the reason why Khadijah harassed us to pick her up yesterday; but Mak Tok was kind enough to send her back!
In the meantime.....re-energizing today and will be back at the gym with wifey tomorrow!

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Dijah™ said...

hotel beds are fine..
but it'll take me a long time to really fall asleep...that's my problem...while u guys are snoring,I'm still tossing and turning like mad...
by the ways,mum's taking me to french class tomorrow but if she has something to do u just send me instead...

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on my mind certainly constantly