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01 July, 2007


Finally....moved stuff over to the new office Friday and yesterday...I didnt ealize how much we have until the move.....
We had about 8 tonnes of stuff (files and books!!). My contractor cum mover made the remark if he had gone to the paper lama ("paper recycling") place he would have made RM20K! Hey...that's my periuk nasi (rice bowl) he's talking about! LOL
Finally, yesterday it was my first time in two weeks that I reached home early...i.e. 730 pm..It has been midnight last week and about 10 the week before! It's Ib's and Umar's sports day today...themed Flintstones and Dinosaurs....Told wifey to get materials yesterday to make them the costumes....I had to do it (my mum trained me when I was 13....LOL- she couldn't use her feet that time and mum was frantic coz it was almost eid/raya and her curtains were not done yet....I had to be dragged in with much objection on my part. I told her "sewing are for girls". Looking back, I thank her for that since I can do what others can't in time of emetgencies like this! BTW I can only sew straight lines.......) since there's no way wifey could actually sew with her bump! It turned out okay thank God! (will post piccies).
Khadijah went to Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah's Malam Juara & Bakat (Talent night) last night upon my cousin's invite..I think she bought the whole table and sent her kids, Khadijah and another niece for it. Wifey got a bit worried as she was not back at 1 am.....They finished close to 12 andl the driver had to send one of the entourage to Shah Alam from Cyberjaya, then our place...She came back at 1.30 eventually!


sherrina said...

wah, a lawyer that can sewing besides sueing! Mana nak cari dalam dunia. You wife is so lucky...haha

Dad of Four said...

Sherrina - LOL!

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly