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11 July, 2007

Sorry..boo hoo!

Now, why do boys find it difficult to apologize? (he he he...pleading ignorance here! LOL!). Caught this in action for posterity!

The usual fights at home end with sulking and temper blaring. One's wait for the affected parties to make amends, through the natural process, is akin to waiting for the moon to fall on to one's lap. Being a mediator at home, or rather a dictator, has its privileges - like ordering them to hug and kiss and make up after a terrible dog-fight.

I can't remember now what precede the above hug and make-up session...! That's the problem of age fast catching up and not up-dating my blog as regularly as I should! Must be over some trivial matters which exploded to a huge warring!

Notice how Umar is smiling cheekily whilst Ibraheem seems a bit bothered about the whole thing. Now you know who started the whole fight!


nafastari said...

Hehee.. Biasak la tu..

Adam said...

Thanks for the tag. Will do it soon.

Dad of Four said...

Nafastari - Must be through your experience..wink wink..!

Adam - Thanks. Looking forward to it!

Superwomanwannabe said...

I have 4 girls and no one hugs each other like that!! U have to teach me how you get them to do that!!

Dad of Four said...

SW - A bit difficult...!
NOT! Jadik dictator kan senang....force them lor!

Superwomanwannabe said...


Are you sure that's not a sumo wrestling lock?? Hee hee

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly