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16 July, 2007

Ib Potter

So now my son, Ibraheem wants to be a wizard and has been asking me how...!

Of course this came about after watching Order of Phoenix. He's watched all five Harry Potter movies but this installation somehow attracted him the most and he's abandoned his "I wanna be a doctor when I grow up".

When asked which part he enjoyed the most? Unhesitantly and confidently - the bit on Harry conjuring the Patronus charm defeating Dementors. Hmm...That's a bit too dark for his age!

He's actually asked me to enrol him to Hogwarts rather than "Tahfiz" school which he has been pestering us. Knowing that explanation that HP is just a make-believe story would be futile, I told him that enrolment is by invitation only and that he has to wait for the owl to swoop by and drop the letter of admission which, as expected fro him, met with his usual loud cry....!

With my kids, I find that their level of maturity differs. With Khadijah, at that age,explaining what's "make believe" and what's "real" was easier. Like they always say...girls mature earlier than boys!

Anyway, planning a daddy-daughter time down with Khadijah tomorrow...Yes we're queueing up for Deathly Hallows at Kino 5 am..! It'll be quite fun for her, I thought and she seemed to concur! Wanted her to go in robe and witch hat which met with a flat "NO"....It'll be fun hanging around with her...She' has been "revising" the last three HP books over the past three days! I'm on the last chapter of Half Blood Prince (second round that is) so that reading Deathly Hallows will be easier....

Wifey will be barking mad with Khadijah and I for sure, over this weekend, of Harry Potter marathon!


D said...

Over here, it's on sale from midnight. Oh, what am I thinking, writing a comment here? Duh. Surely you're doing your marathon! LOL

Anonymous said...

yes. it is scientifically proven that girls mature faster than boys. The maturity of boys is actually 2 years behind their age. Can u believe it? Believe it.. huhu ..you know who..


you're going down there by train, bus or the broom LOL

Adam said...

So did you wait in line?

Dad of Four said...

D - Finished the book this morning! Excellent...! Bought two copies! The best part of the discovery of the doe patronus!

Anon - It is you again " who-must-not be named"! LOL.

MS - Floo powder! LOL

Adam - We did!

Pato & Pearl said...

haha..I'm savouring the book in estacy....;)


Dad of Four said...

Pearl - : )

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly