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14 July, 2007


I am born into a family who are just crazy over durians!

When I got married to my wife, somehow my cravings for durians dwindled over the years up to a point where my mom and dad were extremely perplexed over this "pehenomenon". Me refusing durians? Unheard of!

Wifey just can't stand the smell and taste of durians despite being born in to a family who owns uncountable durian orchards in Baling (where both maternal and paternal grandparents reside). She used to boast (before marrying) or perhaps trying to impress my parents (whom she knew love durians) that "Di kampung I dughian penuh satu dapoq. Tak larat nak makan" (In my hometown, the durians practically fill in the kitchen up to a point where we don't really eat them"). And by the way it's now durian season in Baling. Luck has it that we are busy with work and can't make time to go back!! : (
The first time I went back to Baling - My god...I never saw so many durians in my entire life, in a home that is! And the taste of the durians - HEAVENLY! I went ga ga and wallopped loads!
BUT when your partner hates something, you try to compromise and sacrifice....
There are only two exceptions, though, which wifey has made in eating durians- her first pregnancy with Khadijah and this pregnancy to my dad's shock and horror! Naturally, Khadijah is the durian lover in our family now due to the overdose of this smelly fruit when she was in the womb!
Since wifey is in to durians at the moment, I have no grouses as I can bring home durians freely now! Just this morning after sending Yusof to school, wifey made an offer to buy me durians at the corner of IIU and Sg Pusu Road. Unfortunately, they were sold out...And what touched me, she asked the seller when is the next batch coming...So this afternoon...she's buying me durians! Yeayy!
I sort of have this craving for durian fritters.......(wifeys mum used to make them). AND guess what....? Wifey took the trouble to find out from mum-in -law how to make them!
Can this pregnancy last two more years, please? LOL!
NB: Picture is nicked from my daughter who posted on her daily photo blog. BTW the durians are from my bro-in-law's house in M'cca!


Pato & Pearl said...

Pato looovvveess durian...Pearl does not fancy this "smelly" fruit with the exception of durian ice-cream...hahaha

Enjoy yur durian season!!!


Dad of Four said...

P&P - Pearl u r just like wifey in ordinary circumstances...!

Superwomanwannabe said...



on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly