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06 July, 2007

Friends. The relatives of today

Ruby Ahmad's recent entry lives to each and every word of it in my life today. Well, not just today....It happens a lot of times in my almost 40 years of living. It happened again a day after I read her entry on "friends". NOTE : The title of this entry is verabatim of her said entry! Sorry Ruby in lifting word for word!
A blogger friend, Xis, whom I have never met before but with whom I communicate with through my and his blogs as well as via sms, texted me today to say that he wanted to drop by and meet me to give me some home-cooked goodies whipped by none other than his mom, who I gathered via his writings, an accomplished "cook"! I'm a number one fan of Kelantanese delicacies and of course I was thrilled to the hilt! He gave me a whole carrier bag of murtaba', akok and piana. That's a lot of food, I must say! It's my first time eating piana and I love it!
Well Xis - THANKS a million!


ruby ahmad said...


Whoa! Patut lah I tersedak semalam...wondering who could be mentioning me? After visiting some ususal suspects..uhuh...di sinii rupa nya. Ahh..so sweet to be mentioned here. I have many friends who act more like relatives. I am blessed and so are you here. Life can be wonderful with more friends like Xis here. Can I have some akok too..he he.

Dad of Four said...

Ruby..he he he...Some akok for you? Sure, no problem. That's what friends are for right..sharing food...! LOL!

Xis said...

First of all.. I'd like your new office.. cool! Look so vibrant. Maybe one of these days I get to visit your office. Anyway, you're most welcome. My parents just left this morning, and they hoped you and your family liked those delicacies. That piana and akok made by my aunt.. and the rest was by my mom. Well, thanks to you too for that tasty brownies.. :D

Dad of Four said...

Xis - TQ....Yummilicious the food! I still have a few more of akoks and 2 murtabaks in the freezer. Syg nak makan!

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on my mind certainly constantly