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12 July, 2007

What a day!

Engaged my self a new secretary whom I interviewed at abot 8.15 am today (hmm....never have I scheduled interviews in the morning let alone this early) and yeayy...- Hopefully this one doesn't do the "no-show" on the scheduled commencement date, like a couple of candidates I had the past three months.
My "baby" almost got flooded today...The landlord actually changed the faucet to the wash basin when we moved in....The water couldn't stop flowing and we did not know where the stopcock was.....! Manually my accounts girls drained the washbasin using a plastic jug! Can you imagine the mess? Luckily it didn't wet the newly installed carpet.
I was locked out after coming back from a meeting....My keys were in my room and all my staff decided to knock off early today thinking that I would not come back to the office....! Luckily managed to get, yet again, my accounts girl to return to the office and hand over her set of keys so that I could finish an agreement to email client.
Knackered now...and time to knock off, myself. Adios!


The Queen said...

wahhhh macam2 lah...pening tak??? hehehe

Dad of Four said...

Queen aka Wan - Poning den but happy! Visited your "adopted" blog....! No entry from you yet?

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly