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13 July, 2007

Potty about Potter

Got tickets for Order of the Phoenix!
Watching it a bit late..10 pm Saturday night and my kids are coming along...I'm surprised it's rated U...We are going to treat it as PG since it may be a bit "dark" for my younger ones. I bet you my younger ones will sleep throughout since it's a bit late.....But never mind....wifey is particular bringing only half of the brood anywhere - as it's unfair, according to her, which I tend to agree in most instances!
Initially, superwomanwannabe was supposed to come along. Her hubby is away on a conference..Her kids somehow wanted to wait for their daddy to come back and watch with him....How sweet..and thoughtful. I'm sure my kids would decide the same thing too.....


Pato & Pearl said...

Well Haq, if your kids read the book, i'm sure they will prefer the book...I was expecting alot at the last movie. This time, I go with an 'opén" mind..haha...Not bad at all actually.
Can't wait for the final book.


Superwomanwannabe said...

yeah the books are always better ..but not badlah the movie...

enjoy and we'll be thinking of you..

Dad of Four said...

Pearl - My daughter who's (and me) an avid follower of HP also thinks that the movie is always below expectation. But seeing the book come to "life", albeit partially, is an enjoyable experience. I still remember bringing her for Philosoper's Stone on the opening day which I took leave...That was fun!

SW - I find that the later ones are better than the earliest two. But I bet Phoenix will be the best of them all!

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on my mind certainly constantly