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27 June, 2007

Be cool DOF!

Panic! panic!

All my clients decided to bomb me this week when we are in the midst of packing and moving:-

this is the time when they want to sign and complete the whole transcation within 12 hours after a meeting with bare information....

this is the time when documents are finalized and engrossed and needed to be sent via courier overseas to meet impossible deadlines (managed to get extension, though)

this is the time when a few transcations are completed en masse

this is the time when new urgent instructions come in

this is the time when calls are made to the office to locate old files which we have packed


But I'm not complaining.....I'm counting my blessings and Praise to God for all these...!

BTW, carpet has been laid; cabinets are coming in today; covers for network and telephone cables are being fixed today; telephone and fax lines have been commissioned. Phew....1/4 more to go!


ruby ahmad said...

Hi Dad Of Four,

Left a message just now, but somehow lost it. Duh.

Anyway, glad to hear of your good news. Well done.

I've decided to tag you for a nobel effort. Let's make it a reality for that cause. Please visit my blog to find out about it, but DOF, if you're busy, you don't have to do it. Thank you.

Xis said...

and this is the time when we feel our head is about explode... right?? Haha.. be cool.. take it easy... and take a deep breath.. :)

Oya said...

Well, if you manage to write this post, that means everything is settled and taken care of....I guess....
It's been long time since my last visit. The thing is I have a new job, it takes my whole time almost. I travel 3 hours almost to go to the office and come back home. Most of the time so exhausted that I can hardly keep up with my blog. So sorry for not visiting...

WANSHANA said...

Dear Dad of Four,

I hopped on to your blog from Minah Celoteh's via the Kids' Names Tag - and whaddaya know?! Dad of Four a.k.a Haq! What a small world!(Errr...I think I've got the right "Haq" here?)

A blast from the past - remember me and H? Hehehe...Do sampaikan my salam to Y, please.

Oh yes - all the best with the new office/firm. This is a start to greater and better things, insya Allah.

Waaaah...got one more addition coming. Hope to join the club soon.

Take care, Haq - and to Y, too!

Dad of Four said...

Ruby - I'll check out the tag and will doit one of these days (still unpacking!)

Xis - Thanks

Oya - Oh dear..It is indeed exhausting! I have not been blog hopping for quite some time too...Once this new office settled I will have a bit more time to blog -hop and blog! : )

Shana - What a nice surprise! It 's the right HAQ! On the same day....a distant cousin of mine found my blog too! Welcome back! A phD soon......?

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on my mind certainly constantly