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01 June, 2007

Progress Report

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It's almost half of year 2007 gone which reminded me of this entry I posted before the new year.
And guess what? I have not started anything substantial to add to my personal resume this year. Yes there was self-talk about picking up another language [Khadijah needs a sparring partner for French but then Yusof is not doing that great with his Arabic at school and Khadijah has been out of touch with Arabic for almost six months now] but this thought has not materialised. So I have decided (isn't this very autocratic?? Some time you need to be ! LOL) that all of us at home (minus Umar) learn Arabic to add to each of our personal resume this year!
I spoke to the Ustaz who teaches my kids read the Quran, a month an a half ago, to teach us Arabic and he had agreed but I have yet to give him the commencement date.
OK it's time to put the rubber to the road and walk the talk....!!! Will update on this!


Xis said...

WowWw.. the whole family learn Arabic.. that's such a drastic yet good approach.. I learnt japanese before.. but since I have nobody to talk to in Japanese.. it is all a waste.. :( Now I can't even speak Japanese anymore.. All the best with the arabic.. :)

Superwomanwannabe said...

haq.let me know ...we can join you. make a little class out of it, whatcha think(unless you want to keep it private )

Dad of Four said...

Xis - Just to add to our personal resumes this year....and oif course to help better understand teh Quran

SW - But you all dah advance....If you dont mind starting from scratch fine with us!

D said...

excellent! It's much more fun when the whole family does it together, and you guys can practice simple verses with one another. Can even play games of sorts. Hope it'll be fruitful.

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on my mind certainly constantly