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02 June, 2007

Happy Anniversary Bibik n Wak Joe

Bibik Koyah (her full name is Rudziah) is my mom's sister. I have been really close to her ever since the day I started college in Kuala Lumpur doing my "A" levels. Weekends were spent at her house as I wasn't that keen staying at the hostel - lousy food; no privacy (as you would expect from an introvert) etc....Wak Joe and she would pick me up Friday evenings and send me back Sunday nights!

She was kind enough to let me stay at her house despite the fact that she only had a two-bedroom low cost house. After I left for England, she started her food business and it has thrived by leaps and bounds. Now she has this huge double storey bungalow in Kg Melayu Subang which is quite empty as all her children except for one have moved out of her house....It's one of those paradoxes of life.

Anyway, last Thursday was Bibik and Wak Joe's 34th Anniversary and she wanted to have dinner at Thaba. It was planned that Thursday night would have been their anniversary dinner...What can I say, Man proposes God disposes! Her second daughter, Ulun who's in Johor Bahru gave birth to a 4.2kg baby boy (normal delivery okay!!! According to her husband the birth was an easy one and she was even laughing while delivering the baby). So there Bibik went to JB to pick her daughter and grandson (her 4th grandchild) and we had to reschedule the dinner to last night (my parents had to give it a miss because they had to go back to Muar Thursady evening).

Dinner at Thaba was brilliant as usual except that the celebrated arrived after we had finished our meal because of a massive traffic jam due to exodus of KLites making their way to various destinations for the school holidays.

Happy Anniversary again from all of us!!!!


Xis said...

my salam and best wishes to Bibik and Wak Joe... may Allah bless them with good life and health. :)

david santos said...

Very nice fhoto and a good story.
Thanks for you work and have a good week

wan said...

Happy anniversary bibik n wak joe!!!!!!!! May Allah bless them

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly