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05 June, 2007

Pasar Tani Saturday

Something is incomplete in my life these few days.....Yes....I miss posting entries on my blog. I have been bogged down with work and decided to take a ten minute break to post this!!!

I'm not a fan of supermarkets, wet markets, pasar malam (night markets), pasar tani (farmers market) etc etc....simply because they are too crowded. But last Saturday I decided to accompany wifey to pasar tani which she frequents Saturday mornings. I have been MIA at this pasar tani for about two months now. This pasar tani is described by wifey as the best pasar tani on earth...

BTW wifey goes to pasar tani immediately after subuh prayer which is translated as quarter past six!!! At this time you don't have to jostle with the masses to get the best produce!

I was trigger happy and took pics! Enjoy the piccies!

Seafood is direct from Kuala Kedah..(the Vendors drive down from Kuala Kedah at midnight to reach KL by dawn). Very fresh and reasonably priced

Vegetable stall


They sell plants too!

Young and mature ginger

Red hot!!!


Mini Bitter Gourds

This one I was not sure....Had to ask an old lady and they are putat

My first time seeing this (but ironically I enjoy eating it!!)....Bamboo shoots

Fresh meat stall (look at the tail....!!!)

Sinful deep fried spiced chicken eaten with hot steamed nasi lemak of course!!!

Dried foodstuff (salted fish/anchovies etc)

Orchids exotica

One of the three banana stalls

Kampung vegetables

Yummy and fresh organic dragon fruits

Petai/Twisted cluster bean/stink beans hung neatly!

We finished pasar tani at about 7.15 and headed to Ampang Jaya for continental breakfast at the Bakery, Ukay Heights...Unfortunately they are only open at 8. Went to Mak Jah's instead for tea/coffee and kuehs and ordered nasi berlauk with daging salai from the stall next door.


Xis said...

is this pasar tani at Taman Melawati? I'm not a fan of all these markets.. especially night markets. I can't stand the crowds. Honestly, I remember following my parents to one night market back in my hometown, and I suddenly collapsed coz of dizziness. Since then, I hardly go to such places. If i have to, I just buy what I want and leave the place soonest possible.

D said...

ish... you're doing this on purpose: to torture the tortured!! Aaaaaa... I want them all!!!

- G O R O - said...

pAsar Tani pemangkin Ekonomi MElayu..

Salam Perkenalan

halwafy said...

That daging salai sure looks good!! Me want some too...argh!!

Z of E said...

Pasar Tani or Pasar Malam...both did bring back memories. i bought my first colouring book in Pasar Malam and experienced the diversity of Kuching in Pasar Tani. it's been ages since i last set my foot to both places. perhaps one day when my mom is able to walk again without the aid of her walking stick.

have a nice day, Abg Haq.

Anonymous said...

Daging salai.... and ikan tongkol too.... yummy breakfast food.

fulltime mom


Boleh gitu! Ambil gambar semua yang meransangkan perut. *Must go get something to munch on*

Dad of Four said...

Xis - yup Taman Melawati!

D - Begitu lah kira-kiranya...LOL

G O R O - Thanks for dropping by!

Halwafy - Bila balik, claim lunch from us!

Z of E - How r u? Insya Allah your mum will be ok...

FTM - Can say that again!


Z of E said...

Abg Haq,

i'm fine. still on meds. bandages are off. scar is 90% gone. currently at the helm of my 1st project of the month...4 in all.

mum will be fine, insya allah.

Dad of Four said...

ZoE - Glad u r alright!

MeHoppers said...

i think the one that you refer to as bamboo shoot is actually umbi batang pisang. i think lah kan.

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly