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09 May, 2009

Labour Day Weekend

It has been a dream of my dad to organize a gathering to reunite his immediate family - his siblings, half-siblings, step-siblings and step-mother. They had, somewhat, grown apart since the demise of my paternal grandad who passed on when I was fifteen.
The house in Ayer Baloi was inhabited by my dad step-sister and her family with my dad's blessing since Tok Ayah's passing-on. She was the caretaker of the house until her demise a few years ago. The house was then occupied by her husband until last November, when my dad decided to refurbish the house as its condition had become unfit for habitation.
Last weekend was just perfect for the reunion; the house condition is almost fully restored and furnished (except the compound), as you can tell from the pictures. My parents organized a thanksgiving and tahlil khenduri for the reunion. Guests were feasted with nasi ambeng; a javanese traditional spread prepared by my mom's siblings who are of Javanese and Yunnanese descent served to my dad's family who are of Arab, Bugis and Malay descent! We are indeed a confused lot but proud to be Malaysian!
I would say that it was a weekend full of emotions, some even had tear-jerking moments; witnessing the reunion of siblings whom have not met under one roof for the longest time was simply awesome! My step grand-mom was there with her grandchildren whom I have not met and all my dad's living siblings were there except for Mak Bal, my dad's cousin who was taken care by my grandparents. At the end of the reunion, promises were made to have such gathering again in the near future; I believe it will be during Eid! I'm looking forward to this coming Eid as we will definitely be in Ayer Baloi (3rd day possibly) to celebrate with re-kindled uncles, aunties, cousins and distant relatives.
First living room area

Second living room area
Nasi Ambeng

Last day in Ayer Baloi; dead tired, I believe

Butterfly in the garden

Some hanging plants

Hajar napping

Newly planted lemon tree

Old-school plant; Puteri Menyembah Bumi (the flowers literally droop to the ground once bloom!)

Pokok Melati

Newly planted Pokok Pulasan

Cempaka tree
The house

L-R Pak Po (half-sibling), Pak Nan (half-sibling), My dad, Pak Ngah (sibling)


Xis said...

one thing for sure, it's always a good feeling to have all our family members and relatives gathered like this one. As for me, we do have such a gathering especially on my dad's side especially.. that's when I get to meet the "unknown" family members.. :)

NJ@goboklama said...

Suka tengok org makan dlm dulang, tapi banyak yg dah tk nak hidupkn tradisi ni sbb mrk geli. Pathetic tul!! errr..org bugis ada nama qistina tak? hikhikhik... ;p

Dad of 4+1 said...

Xis - yes reunion gatherings are great to have! My kids get the channce to know their relatives!

Dad of 4+1 said...

Qist - We try to retain lah our tradition..If you noticed, our nasi ambeng tu pun dah modified sikit bukan satu gunung nasi tapi empat! The one we had kat ayer baloi tuh...they all tak familiar sangat coz org bugis kan....Kat KL nih...we all ada lah buat once or twice a year makan dalam talam kat our house (tapi import tukang masak dari Muar). Mane ande nama Qistina nama bugis...kena letak Andek lah kat depan tuh! LOL

Oldstock said...

Salam Dad of 5,

Looks like you had a wonderful family reunion and tahlil. Also the plants around the house are starting to bloom. The house is looking good too.

Nasi ambeng to versi modern, ye... dah siap sukat kpd 4 bahagian dlm talam :-)

Dad of 4+1 said...

Oldstock - Yes we did, TQ. Mengelat sikit lah....Oh, I saw your Pontian house when I went back this time! : )

QM said...

Hi Dad of 4+1

Routed here from Ida's blog where you posted a comment.

Nasi Ambeng...I miss la..that one looks so delicious, must have been heaven.

Nice to know another parent on blogsphere

Dad of 4+1 said...

QM - Thanks for visiting.

Sure it was!

lenzaidi said...

Dad of 4,
Im taken after reading your blog amidst modernity and cyberspace technology ...to bringing up children or educating Rita, you stood truly to your ways of bringing up your children.

While Khadijah surely will do well in her pursuit into the canvas with your budding supports(i find this very liberating which i would have wanted to do after i retire), Yusof (good looking teen)is also pursuing a good cause only parents know what to expect and while the little ones are rearing to follow suit their elders.No tv at home? no handset for children and they have to craft their potential through books, mags, kampong trips and family bonding activities... I would surely look forward to this Bringing up father tales.

Well done Dad of 4.

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly