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22 May, 2009

Khadijah's art adventure

Khadijah was running an art-marathon a few days ago finishing her school art folio. This girl has got talent but refuses to admit it. Saw her charcoal landscape sketch last night and I thought it was good. She had annotated colour schemes on the sketch. I think she's going to transfer the idea somewhere else. True enough, she's asked me to buy readily-mounted-canvas and acrylic paint this weekend. But still she's not disclosing what the big "project" is. I have thought about sending her for serious art lessons but don't know where lah (NJ - any idea?).
Khadijah's piece

Only Ibraheem and Umar have finished their mid year exam. Yusof will finish on Monday and Khadijah on Wednesday. As usual, no pre-exam study is needed for them save for Khadijah who knows of her responsibility.
Ne concrete plans for school hols. Khadijah does not want to follow us if we decide to go on a trip. She'll be with my sister, I suppose! What they have asked is if they can go back to Ayer Baloi. Mmm...how considerate - that will not hurt my pocket!


amicus curiae said...

wow nice!

how much,and im serious.

D said...

Love that piece!! Hmm... Are all Khadijahs mighty talented? LOL!!

Dad of 4+1 said...

AC - I told Khadijah of your comment and she's flattered. This one is supposed to be submitted to Jabatan Pendidikan WP.

D - They are indeed. ; )

MrsNordin said...

Very nice. I don't mind having that painting up on my wall :)

I think kat Melawati tu ada several art classes, kan? You can try and check them out.

Dad of 4+1 said...

Mrs N, I checked MIA but for 18 and above...Still looking....

mingsuan said...

Eh your daughter's art is AMAZING. You should continue cultivating it. Don't need to go to MIA, try private classes or other establishments.

Dad of 4+1 said...

Ming - Got her an art teacher, Janiz Chan, in Taman Tun (nicely timed when Ib & Umar go to Lorna Whiston)

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly