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27 November, 2007

Second month

Hajar's two-month old today!

She's sooo adorable (NB : an impartial statement by the way!)...! We've started with flash cards and board books with her and amazingly she responds with her coos and giggles.

Our new maid, Wahyan, has arrived. Khadijah is helping out to baby-sit Hajar whilst we are at work...(thanks a lot daahling [this is how Khadijah would say it!]). But it doesn't come for free....(..sigh...) - she's charging us baby sitting OR rather we decided to give her pocket money for giving up her books (rather than paying the nursery). To us, it's important that a child should "grow-up" in her own home! But come 2008 school sesson, we have not decided whether to send Hajar to a nursery or be at home with the maid. We have to see how Wahyan copes...
Hajar is trying to roll side ways and has managed to do a 45 degree roll each time...Amazing!


Xis said...

so now Khadijah is the part time babysitter, eh?? Wonder how much she charges to take care of her little sister.. Ohh.. now you have finally got a maid.. Wahyan... nice name... hopefully she's a nice person too... :)

ZEYN said...

Abg Haq,

it seems that your tenure as a 'bibik' has finally ended. let's hope this one's a keeper.

btw, Hajar is getting cuter!

Anonymous said...


zaitgha said...

uissh...such a big eyes....baby is always cute kan??

Dad of Four said...

Xis - Yup she is. Havent decided on the rate though. The maid seems fine. Not making any comments for the im being.

Dad of Four said...

Zeyn - Thank God it's over what seemed a never-ending job!

Dad of Four said...

ZAi - Yes they are, arent they? Just this morning wifey spoke to Hajar and said.."Janganlah grow up nanti mummy tak de baby lagi"..LOL!

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly