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20 November, 2007


Hi All....I've been busy...."maidless", "tonnes of workload in my practice (certainly good news)", "b-i-l's wedding", "Khadijah's DELF A2 exam" etc etc....

Just a quick one now...!

The email:-

"Can I please please PLEASEEE go with my friends only?sigh. Please say yes. anything, go here

Oh and do spread word to everyone :)

And HAJAR is fineee..."

The sender :-

Khadijah, my daughter the budding photo-journalist.

The event:-

Well I think I should tag along or at least send a chaperone....OR get her electronically tagged and trace here using GPRS service. Yes it's an extremely dangerous and uncertain world out there! And Hujan (the band) who sings one of my current fave songs, "Pagi Yang Gelap" (please listen here) will be there..!!!

Hmm....sorry you have to find out from here Khadijah...


queen said...

Haq......hope to c u there mate....muahahah

Mior Azhar said...

I figure that you must have been very busy... anyway ggod to hear that everything is still moving on smoothly. How's Khadijah doing anyway?

Dad of Four said...

Queen - which booth are you manning?

Mior - She's fine....She's got another exam coming up this weekend and then it's MERDEKA for her!

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly