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01 December, 2007


Ib was hilarious this morning - I was flummoxed and lost for words!

Whilst bathing Hajar this morning, Ib hugged me from behind and the ensuing conversation went on something like this:-

Ib : Dad, why do you have grey hairs?

Dad : Mmm...I suppose I'm old already.

Ib : Old people can have babies? (in a perplexed and naive tone)

Dad : (laughed......). Of course!

We attended Ib's school concert last wednesday night. He was one of the main characters, Atuk (Grandpa) throughout the show with the theme "Our Heritage" which touched, inter alia, the issues of global warming, 3Rs (recycling, reuse and reduce), etc. Scheduled to be held last Sunday, it had to be postponed because the venue was affected with closure of roads in Kuala Lumpur by the police.

During the second scene he forgot some of his lines and had to be prompted by his teacher. In the third scene, he had us all laughing - yes he forgot his lines again but he took off his songkok
and out came his script. Yes he read his lines from the script!
And he graduated from his kindie that evening too receiving a scroll...Primary One next year and he's looking forward to it!

I love this pic taken by Khadijah. It's a self portrait and she definitely has improved in her style of taking pics. And now to enrol her in a proper photography class......

Khadijah surprised us yesterday...She actually made a bag from scratch (see pic above). Her sewing is not bad at all for a first timer. And....she got two orders from her flickr friends. She was inspired by RANtAI Art event which is taking place between 12 to 16th December (read here for details) that she has planned with her friend Aisha to create the brand name "Aku-Streka" for hand-painted t-shirts and has expressed her wish to participate in next year's RANtAI art event...Now she has expanded her merchandise by creating the bags...Keep it up girl!


Xis said...

I'm actually smiling when reading that conversation between Ib and you.. hehe.. :)

Dad of 4+1 said...

Xis - Naivety of a child, huh...!

D said...

Kids are just cute!

Helena said...

dad of 4.... hehe kelakarla....

such a sweet and funny n3...

hey khadijah is GOOD!

Anonymous said...

the bag looks nice. probably she can make one for me. i have my own design..

Anonymous said...

I really missed the Athfaal concert. One of the best kindy concert I've ever seen, they always try to make extra effort to ensure the concert is successful.

Dad of 4+1 said...

D & Helena - : )

Anon No.1 - She could, I'm sure!

Anon 2 - Yes I must say Athfaal's concert is one of the best I've ever been to...!

ikyn adzmi said...

khadijah is a friend of mine. haha. nice meeting u uncle :]

Dad of 4+1 said...


Nice meeting you too!

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly