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22 November, 2007


Finally Ib's got a school! OR rather we registered Ib for Primary One next year....Yup just yesterday!

Yes yours truly have been procrastinating in registering him BUT hey it's all with reasons....For me it's really about balancing...the "type" of education which suits each child of ours, logistics, transport, etc etc.....And the decision normally comes at the eleventh hour!! There'll be four different places to drive them to next year (between wifey and me, of course)....Khadijah in Wangsa Maju, Yusof in Gombak, Ibraheem in Dataran Ukay, Umar in Keramat and Hajar (don't know where, yet - yes we are sending her to a baby sitter; may be Jalan Gurney which is near wifey's office).

I'm glad superwomanwannabe's kids are joining the same school hence we can book a car to transport them all back from school...Found a reliable "grandma" to ferry them back!

Ib's excited that he gets to go to the same school as one of his friends in Kindy and wants a Transformers bag...


Minahsongeh said...

Wah, Dah besar Ibrahim! We still haven't decided which kindergarten to send Tina to.

Xis said...

it's best to get them a driver, so that you and Kak Yani don't have to rush here and there... :)

Helena said...

Ib dah besar.... hehe how time flies eh?

YEs..... a driver would be best.... :D

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly