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25 September, 2007

Teman Terulung

Picture taken from Anuar Zain's website

Just bought Anuar Zain's latest album after 5 years of wait. The first single released of course is "Lelaki Ini". He has painstakingly chosen all the songs to give his best to his fans...This first thing which struck me is how he has made sure that quality is his priority e.g live strings for all the songs (wich I'm sure must have cost him a bomb) as opposed to synthesized strings.
Currently enjoying "Teman Terulung" and here goes an excerpt from the song -
Paling agung teman terulung
Tenunan emas sayap hidupku
Tak ingin ku undur bertamu
Bertakhta teguh
Ke akhir waktu


Sexy Housewife said...

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Anonymous said...

who is ur teman terulung? i have a few i think.. heheh

Xis said...

that "Teman Terulung", I love its lyric.. very deep... but as for the song, I choose "I'm The Lucky One".. But now.. I keep listening to Datuk Sharifah Aini's "Hadiahku Di Hari Bahagiamu"... huhu...

goboklama said...

suka 'Lelaki ini'. Mungkin sbb dia kurangkn lenggok,itu buat semua tangkap leleh mndengarnya,heheh..

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly