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28 September, 2007

Hajar's home

Second day picture

Hajar's home!
Took this picture about 4.30 a.m today before I left for home to make sure the rest of the troop are fed for sahur (morning meal before one start fasting).
Everybody's excited that she's back...Poor Hajar though as she's being "manhandled" by her siblings..."For god's she she's not a doll" (- so the father and mother scream!). Well, that's what we expected anyway!
I was a bit disappointed with the discharging procedures though....Doc discharged mummy and baby at 8.15, we were only able to head home about 1 pm...and I had to miss Friday prayers as the road was ****** jammed!
These experienced parents (a combination of 30 years of parenting experience) completely slipped their minds to buy Hajar her mittens...So now she has scratches on her pink face. I took the opportunity to hop over a mall which is within walking distance. Khadijah, which was so unlike her, refused a retail therapy trip (which normally she would not give it a miss)! She'd rather spend the time making Hajar annoyed!
I went out just for mittens but came back with a dress, a smocked knickerbocker suit, a pair of 3/4 flared jeans, two pairs of drawstring pants (one velvet like and the other linen), a pink top, cuddly toys and a book (made from fabric) for Hajar - owh..and of course the mittens (4 pairs altogether).
I remember, with Khadijah, we were buying her dresses and garments which she could practically wear different ones everyday... With our three boys, somehow it's different...It was the same old pair of jeans and scruffy (the older they are the better) t-shirts (- dressed just like me!)
I'm still stuck here in the office...Wishing I was at home spending time with Hajar and of course the other four and my other half...., though! Audit almost complete and my report is already submitted....So the weekened will be......(you guessed it right!).


mumsie said...

eee..best nyer ada baby kat rumah!! I miss that..having a baby to cuddle allllll the time! yang ada sekarang ni no longer appreciates asyik nak kena peluk and cium!


so the very cute...congrats congrats congrats.

sure a bundle for the coming Id

Xis said...

all I can see.. a happy dad.. happy mom.. happy siblings... :) Yea.. I pretty sure everyone was excited when Hajar got home.. :) Soooo cute.... feel like holding her... :)

Dad of Four said...

Mumsie - Still not too late to have another one! LOL!

Your kids have reached that stage too....? Sad ain't it?

MC - Thanks!

Xis - Most definitely...

bola2api said...

alhamdulillah everything turned out fine.. congratulations to your family on the new arrival :)

Dad of Four said...

B2A - Thanks!

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly