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12 August, 2007

You mean there's more to come?

My daughter turns 13 today......"Happy Birthday my not-so-little baby!". But look at her birthday wish list here.... Wifey and I decided to let her organize a small do with her close friends at *bucks (her fave coffee joint - she takes after wifey when it comes to coffee! LOL!)today as her birthday gift...(dad & mum will be watching and supervising nearby though!).
I kind of miss those days when our conversations went on like:-

"Dad can I have the barbie which twirls and sings?"
"Can you piggy-back me please?"
"I want to hold your hands so that I won't get lost"
"What do you think? xyz or abc?
"Yes, dad"
"I promise dad"
"Will you read for me?"
"Don't tickle me"

Get the idea?

Raising a teenage girl can be a bit daunting but manageable (we are still hanging on and toughing it out AND the best thing is that there is so much to learn! Enjoying every minute of it!).
This is the age when the opposite sex just surfaced in her life out of the blue and peer pressure sets in. We had a very scary roller coaster ride a couple of months ago but thanks to Allah, it's all pink and rosy now. But that's not the end of it is it?
Wifey and I have this attitude now...."take one day at a time" and "smell the roses along the way". After all, parenting is a life long journey!


Mior Azhar said...

Hmmmph, we became fathers almost about the same time. My Alia turned 13 two days ago. Yes, I know what you mean by missing on the yesteryears' conversation with them.
Anyway, salam and happy birthday to Khadijah and more importantly congratulations to you and wife for raising a beautiful daughter.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to KD.. btw banyaknya rambut dulu.. Heheh


Abg Haq,

Happy Birthday to your daughter! :)

WANSHANA said...

Happy Birthday to Khadijah!

I know what you mean...

My eldest is 11 years old, turning 12 only in November, but hubby always says, she's 11 going on 17...

Minahsongeh said...

Happy Birthday Khatijah!!

Xis said...

sorry for this late wishes.. but happy birthday to Khatijah as well.. from uncle Xis... err... or should I be called Abang XiS.. hehe..

Dad of Four said...

Thanks everyone for the wish!

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly