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24 August, 2007

Compund Fracture - Prequel and Sequel

Thanks for all the well wishes, Praise to Allah, Ib is his usual self i.e. being hyper!
He has three more weeks before the K-wire is pulled out without anaesthesia - yes this is what the ortho surgeon told us when he signed the discharge form (But before the op, he told us it'd be taken out in the OT under anaesthesia)! Well, I prefer it without the G.A as there are risks involved in any procedure under anaes. Wife has given me the task to accompany Ib when the surgeon takes (as Minah Celoteh's husband puts it - "yank" out the wire!)out the wire....and I hope Ib will not be in his always panicky-state in the presence of doctors (the irony is - Ib's ambition is to become a doctor!)
And how did it happen?
I have a 70 year old octagon-shape marble top table which then sat in the middle of our second sitting area at home....The marble top just rests on the table frame like any other old marble top tables. Ib's favourite preoccupation at home is (according to my daughter after the accident happened) to lie down beneath it and kick the table top slowly, in a vertical continuous motion, so it'd move up and down (I wish he'd stick to his transformers and the like!). On the fateful day the top slid down and he tried to stop it (this is not yet verified and only my theory as there were no witnesses) from falling which obviously was too heavy for his strength! Like tey say...the rest is history.
And the table is now resting peacefully on our patio whilst Ib is still trying to find replacement for his unconventional toy!

At the GP...

Wheeling him to the OT




Abg Haq,

Ib will be fine. i pray for his speedy recovery.

have a nice weekend.

zaitgha said...

boys will be boys....all my 3 boys ada marks on them, eldest had a few stitches on the forehead, 2nd had a few under the left ears and my youngest had a few under the chin and he had also almost broke his arm a year ago....what else yeah...so your Ib will be good as new soon....insyallah

Anonymous said...

baru la macho ado parut.

D said...

Oh no... condolences Ib! Hope he'll get well soon!

Pato & Pearl said...

alah..kesiannya...!!!..A story for him to tell his kids one day.. ;)) All the best..

And hey, thanks for the Bali tips..its sure useful. But didnt manage to hunt down tat handbag shop.... Pearl still resah...hehehe


Dad of Four said...

Zeyn & D - Thanks!

Zai - Yup boys will be boys!

Anon - : )

P&P - No prob!

Xis said...

ayyoo... pity him... I pray for his speedy recovery... hope mom and dad are doing fine too.. okay..?

Adam said...

That must have been scary. Hope he is better now.

Superwomanwannabe said...

Cian baby,get well soon, Heard your voice this morning.

queen said...

Gosh..... Ya Rabbi sekejap je auntie tak baca blog.....dah something happen to Ib.....kesian dia....hish......takpe...he's a strong boy.......

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on my mind certainly constantly