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26 June, 2009

Mr Imelda

Yusof has finally decided to save up his pocket money but for all the wrong reasons - to spend on things that he loves! His penchant for shoes is definitely driving him to earn the title "Mr Imelda"!
He has been sharing with me of his newfound love "Macbeth" the past few months - not of the Shakespearean kind though, which I secretly hoped it was (err...I mean love for literature and not modelling after Macbeth)! So this Macbeth is actually a brand for , among others, shoes!
So Pavilion was our destination last Sunday as this was one of the few places he could make his Macbeth footwear purchase after he barely saved enough money for a pair. His last straw to make up his insufficient savings was to wash all three of our toilets at home for RM20 that Sunday morning!
So, armed with his pad of notes (a lot of them were in RM1 and RM5 - so imagine the thick pad carried in his pocket!) he strode confidently into the store and asked for the one which he liked. Alas, there was no size for him; which is UK size 9 (may be it was the cutting; his normal size would be 7.5 - 8)! He had to then pick a pair which was RM20 short of his savings which I paid the shortfall! Well, mind you, it was not without quid pro quo! Suffice to say that the maid does not have to scrub the toilets this weekend!
Have a good weekend! Looking forward to T2 on Sunday!


Nafastari said...

Hmmm... Nice shoes, no wonder he's dying to get that. Abg Haq, u tak rasa macam u kejam sangat ke? Hahaa.. Kesian plak kat budak tuh..

IBU said...

Ohhhh..... i like....

I think it's good that he has learned & started practical training that he has to earn for what he desires. Needs would be provided by mom & dad. Wants? hah... pandai2 la kumpol duit.

p/s Ameer had to massage Ibu's shoulder for a stick of gum. Cruel Ibu? I know... LOL!!!

Dad of 4+1 said...

Ahmad - He needs to learn the hard way for his wants. Didn't we all? His needs are well taken care of! BTW, Kak Yani kirim salam

Ibu - Betul tu! At times, kena jugak massage ke pijak belakang ke nak earn extra money....Ingat pulak dulu2 dok carik uban.....he he he

Myra Abdul Mutalib said...

Hey nice shoes..... good taste ur son has !

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly