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28 June, 2009

This and That

Khadijah's piece
Khadijah's piece too
I now fully fathom what the hype is all about - Revenge of the Fallen! It was freaking awesome (to borrow the most over-used phrase by my kids). Dad was indeed awestruck despite some reviews that it lacked substance. Well I paid to be entertained and entertained I was.
Comments from my kids :-
Khadijah - " Josh Duhamel is hot"
Yusof - .....stoic.....
Ibraheem - chatter..."Prime"...chatter..."Best"
Umar - giggle....giggle "It was funny the insect decepticon" laugh..laugh...
Mum - "Action packed!"

I was lucky to be able to get tickets for Sunday night show without any fuss...When I collected the tickets last Thursday, I even managed to get for Mrs N 6 tickets! The kids enjoyed the show very much and now they are sleeping soundly dreaming of their hero Mr Optimus Prime. I bet you they will be harassing me for the DVD from tomorrow! It will never end, I tell you.
Khadijah has started her art lessons with Janiz who's quite impressed with the rate that Khadijah is picking up drawing techniques. Janiz is teaching her figurative art - on proportions in particular. Khadijah has also started volunteering at SPCA. She's beating the system at home since cats and other hairy pets are not allowed at home as Ibraheem is allergic to fur.
Yusof's major exam, JSLA (Junor School Leaving Assessment ) is coming up quite soon...And true to his form, he is only flipping through the books like, now.
Ibraheem is hand-washing his clothes daily (flooding the house in the process) distrusting the results that my trusted-14-year-old-front-load-washing machine produce. He is still diligent but showing some signs of deterioration which needs to be closely monitored.
Umar has progressed from his Qirati to Quran. He loves to read; pretty enthusiastic that we have to bear listening to him reading everything loudly; food labels including!
Hajar is turning fiercer by the day..We think that this is her natural reaction to survive in a male dominating household...
Ah...another busy week ahead. Breathe in breathe out! Looking forward to Half-Blood Prince the movie. Hoping to catch this with the kiddos.


Faisal Zakaria said...

unfortunately, there are parts in the movie which was seriouuuusly cliched.

dont you think?
great blog by the way.
Looking forward to have kids of my own.

floweRinthedesert said...

You are awarded the "I Love Your Blog" stamp of approval. Come on over to see the badge!

Mior Azhar said...

Like you, the only reason for me to step into a cinema is for me to be entertained. And T2 certainly provided me just that. Enough said.

Now ... on to the Half-blood Prince...

Charms Allure said...

I love Khatijah's drawing.Hajar is so adorable! Havent seen the movie. Dh went with friends when he went to JB.

NJ@goboklama said...

Khadijah takmo jadi vet ke? :)

My son plan nk jadi volunteer kat Zoo Negara after UPSR, hopefully diterima masuk sbb dia still underage,heheh..

arsaili said...

salam..wat a masterpiece...khadijah is talented...

1na said...

Tahniah di atas kelahiran ahli keluarga terbaru.

Kena tukar 'Dad of 4 plus 2' plak yer :D

Myra Abdul Mutalib said...

Hello. I rather like your blog. WOuld you mind if I link your blog to mine ? Or is it the other way around, I am not sure. Ha ha..

Dad of 4+1 said...


Thanks for dropping by. Feel free to link mine!

Dad of 4+1 said...

Faisal - Thanks for dropping by.

Rin - Sorry for the long delay in replying. Been busy with all sort of things! I shall hop over to yours shortly

Mior - I haven't gotten round to watch Half Blood Prince. With H1N1 now...a bit scary to visit the cinemas.

Zu - He went without you? tsk tsk tsk

Qist - Di tak mo. Singgah rumah lah kalau gi Zoo!

Arsaili - I'll let her know!

1Na- TQ TQ...I have to do a blogpost on the new addition lah....

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on my mind certainly constantly