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17 April, 2009

Khenduri in Muar

Early this month my sister and parents held a thanksgiving khenduri in my hometown, Muar, for my sister's recent negative diagnosis of the big C and to celebrate the addition of a new family member, my sister in law. Initially I was supposed to take a lift from my sister since it made no economic sense to drive alone when one could car pool!
But, as always, my mom (who always knows best....: )) had other plans for me! I was to pick up my uncle and aunt, who were en route to Johor Bahru, so that they could attend the khenduri and they would then take one of my dad's cars for them to drive back to JB and return to KL the following week. As wifey and my sons had extra classes over the weekend, I dragged along Khadijah as I did not want to travel alone during the return trip! I hate driving alone...That reminds me, I have to drive alone to Kuantan next week as I'll be the star witness in a trial! What a drag!
As I was loading stuff in to the car, Hajar came and put on a puppy face.....To bring along or not to bring along? That's the qustion! Following a dad's instinct (which can lead to serious repurcussions, in most instances) I immediately packed her stuff and chucked them into a holdall and strapped her in a car seat and drove off, without consulting wifey as she was already in her cupcake 101 class! Along the journey..the "what ifs" kept running through my mind and my imagination really ran amok (the diaper changing, bathing, bottle feeding, tantrums, ........)!

Surprisingly, Hajar was an angel throughout the journey and the overnight stay...She slept well, socialised amiably, ate heartily...I give her full marks! Khadijah also was very helpful taking care of her little sister throughout; thumbs up to her!

This was my first time away with an overnight stay with my two girls...I definitely will do this again...! Will post of my authentic kopitiam breakfast with the two, when time permits.

* all pics captured by Khadijah

Nabil, my nephew, the gymnast
New sis-in-law in black scarf

Uteh Ros, the briyani gam Executive Chef

Hajar & me

Hajar socialising

The ladies


Briyani Gam
The Gents


IBU said...


U orang Johor eh? I never knew .... I thot orang nogoghi. Maybe because you sokolah kat nogoghi. hehe...

Dad of 4+1 said...

Oghang Muo ler....Ghumah R*ha (T*B) kat belakang, we all kat depan!

Xis said...

HaqKhenduri??? I thought the spelling is kenduri? ;) Or that's how oghang muo pronounced it?

Dad of 4+1 said...

Xis -cagha oghang lama spell kot? Needs somebody to verify this, tho.

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly