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10 November, 2008


I'd better put these pictures here before I lose them!
What have I been up to? Don't know, really. Time seems to have been racing through like a whirlwind without me realising it.....It's almost the end of 2008 and what have I achieved? Err....not much!
I have a few drafts remained unfinished and it remains to be seen as to whether they will ever get to see the daylight.
Picture aove was taken this morning on my way out to work....Hajar was sprinting to the front gate to get in to my car in the hope that I'd bring her out for a spin..Sorry Hajar, Dad was really late! It's her fave past time now....; dashing to the front gate whenever it is ajar! She's growing too fast, I must say. We are contemplating now...another baby? May be Baby Alive will just do....LOL!


Xis said...

Geez... how time flies.. and Hajar is growing up.. and the next thing you'd know, she's ready to go to school.

D said...

hehe... see, i told you, you'd better write more often and post picts of the kids quick. if not, we would only see hajar already in her school uniform. regarding adding another one, if health is on your side and Allah permits, never say never because it's your rezki, eh?

have a good week

Dad of 4+1 said...

Xis - Ya...she's no more a baby

D - Kalau ada rezeki, insya allah....

Superwomanwannabe said...

WOIIII- if you have another one then I will go for it also...and so must Linda - so all our batch will be parents of SIX!! heheheheh

(me working on drafts that hope to see light of day)

Dad of 4+1 said...

sw-erm dont thnk so. Not yet ready but if it's fated x tahu la pulak

RiNa said...

yea..how time really flies..hajar is so big now..the last time i read your blog hajar was like still a baby learning to crawl..

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly