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18 July, 2008


Finally a quick update from me....Loads to write but have to rush off for a date with wifey...

A not so recent photo of Hajar; may be a month back or so. She's sooo cheeky and almost boisterous. Can't blame her - she has three older sifus who teach her play football and climb tables and chairs! She can stand now without support for some 30 secs (the longest) and walk around the house with support (mainly her clothes box or the kopitiam chair!). Climbing the staircase to the upper floor of the house is her forte..not to mention coffee tables, sofas and armchairs!

Ib's not well..he's had a bad bout of asthma attack. Slightly better..almost got himself hospitalised. Been off school for a few times already! He did well in school.

Umar is his usual self.....He's Hajar's best companion! He'd carry her everywhere and she'd smile everytime she sees him!

Yusof's off for a boy scouts camping, till Monday, somewhere in Ulu Yam. His mid-year exam showed some improvement - still have ample room for progress!

Khadijah's not well...as usual her tonsilitis. Been persuading her to sit for her DELF B1...The deal is she can go to Redang for her scouts camping if she'd sit her B1 exam this year rather than next year! BTW she passed her Delf A2! School is quite a breeze for her....and her mid year results were very satisfactory.

I turned 40, two months back, (wifey as well.....) without much fanfare...No cake...no pressie...no nothing...That's my request, anyway. Don't feel any much older though!

Two days ago, I welcomed my good friend Superwomanwannabe to my firm as my partner....It's a win-win arrangement for the both of us - flexi time for her and someone to assist me when I desperately need help! Here's to many prosperous and happy years to come!


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aida yurani said...

Now abang Haq suruh kaklong shila tu kerja lebeh sket, then you boleh relax pulak. Hehehehe.

Good Luck & have fun to both of you.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the partnership you two... Hope this gives you more time to blog?

fulltime mom

ms hart said...

Haaaaa....at last!!! Hmmm...baru hilang segala sawang kat sini, eh? ha ha..good to get updates on your little ones and not-so-little- ones-anymore!! Hajar is so adorable...reminds me of my 2nd girl masa kecik2 - that curly hair and big eyes!

Now that you've got a partner, some more a super one (ye lah, dah superwoman kan?!!) hope you have more time to blog! All the best, ok?

Dad of 4+1 said...

Aida - Thanks. I'd like to think that I would have more time to blog...; )

FTM - Thanks....

MrsH - Penat I hilang kan sawang....! : )...But your Amal (have I got your daughter's name correct?) doesn't have curly hair now...? Hajar is exactly Khadijah!

Ya I hv a super partner...Still settling down..Thanks for your wish!

Superwomanwannabe said...

hey..cannot take so long to settle down heh heh...and i think the super goes both ways.

ms hart said...

Do4+1, yeah, u've got my daughter's name right - Amal, the curator, remember?!! Anyway, entah macam mana, when she was about 4, slowly her curls hilang...jadik straight pulak!! Frust I..he he..u should also see her preschool teachers masa tu..they all semua kata "Aiyo...how come....sayang ooo..."!!!

mumsie said...

hey haq...I love your baby!!!!!!

Xis said...


Assalamualaikum.... finally... a short visit here.. hehe.. btw.. Hajar's getting cuter... such a lovely pic of her... Anyway.. no birthday celebration this year?? Hmm..

Dad of 4+1 said...

SW - Ameen.....Rezeki anak2...

Mumsie - Wah you so the very bz travelling ar...Bila lah nak jumpa?

Xis - Tak de celeb...I never celebrate lah....Are you back? Have to chck your blog after this!

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on my mind certainly constantly