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11 January, 2008

Photographer in the making?

(one of her self-portraits)

Readers of my blog from day one would already know that my daughter Khadijah aspires to be a professional photographer.
Well, she received an email from an established publisher based in the tiny red dot country down south yesterday exploring the possibility for them to use one of her images from her flickr account (not for gratis by the way - they wanted to know her editorial rates bla bla bla) for next month's edition of an in-flight magazine of an airline based in that country who made the first Airbus A380 commercial flight last year! She was jumping up and down, naturally (dad wanted to join in but had to retain his composure....But joined in eventually!).
The downside of it was, they wanted a reply on the day they sent her the email which was the 7th! Dad and Mom has this policy of no internet access for the kids during weekdays and limited access during weekends of school term and public holidays! She actually missed the boat of what was supposed to be an embellishment to her curriculum vitae! Well.....I was visibly more disappointed than she was....But hey....there will be loads of other opportunities for whom who seek!


WANSHANA said...

Aaaawwwwhhh...tak ada rezqi this time.

It's okay. Insya Allah, there'll be a next time. There's a blessing in disguise, I believe.

In the mean time - keep clicking away, dear Khadijah. All the best!

ms hart said...

eeee....bestnya, bestnya....tell Khadijah, I like....I pun rasa nak jump up and down!!! he he...tak pe about missing the boat coz there ARE loads and loads more boats waiting!! It's the satisfaction that matters!! And tell Khadijah to read MC mag this month. Ada story about Sharon Lam, the very talented and successful lady photographer!

...oooops...I think I sound really excited!!! ha ha..tumpang semangkuk!!

Anonymous said...

can you ask her to take one pic for me? probably picture of sbux in the nicest angle... i want to frame it. if possible sunmed's sbux.. gila frame skg ni..

Nafastari said...

Proud of u khadijah!

zaitgha said...

wahhh....nice job Khadijah...being picked up is good enough and will be more to come.....

like mrs hart...i pun tumpang seronok

bola2api said...

wow.. good job khadijah. and keep it coming!

reminds me of the days when my amateurish articles were published in NST 'Life and Times' and what's best was all the articles were paid by NST. At that time, RM100 was A LOT for a teenager. Melompat i!

Dad of 4+1 said...

Shana - You are right.There'll be more to come, insya Allah!

Ms Hart - I feel like jumping up andv down all oevr again...LOL!I'll try to find a copy for her!

Anon - Tunggu dia dpt her dSLR lah!

Ahmad - : )..Dah start kerja balik?

Zai - I was so excited that her image was picked up...As for the rest, it's a bonus!

B2A - Wah...RM100 then was indeed a lot!


I salute Khadijah .
She should be the 'photographer of the school ' ! good job Khadijah !
I'm impressed n proud of you .
++ be jealous of you .
haha .
Uncle , u have a superb daughter !

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly