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02 January, 2008

Happy 2008

Welcome two jelo jelo fatt (two zero zero eight)!
Loads of things to update....Apologize if I have not replied to your comments...(will do soon!).
Many things to tell...! Well my law professor used to say....points form will suffice if time is not with you. So here goes :-
  • Ib's starting school tomorrow...Paid all his fees. He's super kiasu. Harassing me to do all sort of things like wrap his books....label his clothings etc etc...Yusof is totally the opposite...(we have not been able to keep up with the school's co-op opening hours...So no books for him yet...sigh...tomorrow will be settling this; fees settled) - "Owh...still no books for me....Does that mean I don't have to go to school tomorrow..Yippee!"- that's Yusof for you). Khadijah is more or less settled...Good news is that she's promised to work extra hard since next year will be PMR...(***butterflies in stomach***, ***panic..panic*** - BTW this is how dad is feeling!). Need to settle Umar's fees tomorrow!
  • MIL had a horizontal fracture to her toe...It warranted an insertion of 2 K-wires...
  • We had fun over eid-ul-adha holidays...Man, I've never seen so many khenduris in my entire life! Life was total bliss with crisp air, padddy fileds stretching as far as the eyes can see, water supply from underground springs, pristine streams and waterfalls etc..etc...(will be posting pictures on this)
  • Drove down to Port Dickson right after arriving from Kedah to sned my kids for my parents and siblings to baby-sit (sans Hajar and Umar)..Took the opportunity to have a dip in the pool and sea
  • Watched fireworks of 6 different venues from my brother's new abode....Kids had fun (minus wifey who was too tired to go)..Had cramps in the pool while fooling around with my sons, daughter, nephew and niece; luckily it was a five feet pool in depth!
  • One of my partners at the office left and hence "very the busy".


Mior Azhar said...

Happy New Year bro. You and your family. Have a blessed year.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year DOF + 1! Hope you have a wonderful and blessed year. And of course, prosperity!


kaseh said...

Selamat Tahun Baru 2008, ya finally u r back home...anyway did u get email re: Khadijah Bag? Pls reply, she intrested tak?

sherrina said...

Happy new year to you :)

p/s: I saw Ib's picture in Bangi Kopitiam which now has a branch in Wangsa Maju Seksyen 2 :D

WANSHANA said...

Dear Haq, Yani and family,

Here's wishing you all a blessed 2008 and all great things in life for the new year, insya Allah.

Have a blast!

Take care. :)

IBU said...

*Good luck in advance to Khadijah for PMR. Same boat lah ni wth my eldest.
* Hope MIL get well soon
* Hurry...pics, pics
* fireworks of 6 diff venues?! err... any difference?
* attrition eh? ouchhh!!

Pato & Pearl said...

Happy New Year and may your 2008 be filled with wealth, health and happiness....

Cute Hajar and job well done!..hehe

Concert Dewa tickets??!!!...where where??? P&P nak gi!!!!


Xis said...

happy new year to you, Kak Yani, Dijah, Yusof, Ib, Umar and Hajar.. and yes.. bibik as well.. :)

Helena said...

hey, you r really giving me the jitters.... PMR next yr kan.... not tis yr kan.... hehe My Mia is the same age as KhaDijah, altho i asked her to study hard coz 2009 PMR, but, me... I have yet to get any butterflies.... hehe.... until i read your n3.....argh.

Dad of 4+1 said...

Mior, FTM, Kaseh, Sherrina, Shana, P&P & Xis - Thanks and same to you and family!!!

Dad of 4+1 said...

FTM - You are back? Alhamdulillah....!

Dad of 4+1 said...

Sherrina - :)...I haven't been to the one in Wangsa Maju....Will check it out!

Dad of 4+1 said...

Ibu - TQ TQ - Mum in law has started cooking...so she's well now . The only one which was different was the Mid Valley's display..Lain sama aje!

Dad of 4+1 said...

P & P - Dah lepas lah...it was 22 Dec....; )

Dad of 4+1 said...

Helena - It's o fast the time flies..Last night, I just realised that Khadijah will be flying out of the nest in about 4 yrs' time (that is if we still tak allow her go to a boarding school after PMR!)

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly