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26 October, 2007

System shock?

It's that time of the year that most people get their bodily system undergo a massive shock; in particular one's digestive system - which definitely will have to work overtime! Yes....it's "open house" time. And yes it is starting tomorrow for KLites and the rest of the world, I should think! And, we have a million of invitations tomorrow (and Sunday and next weekend too)! Not complaining though.....
Risking the possibility of severance of relationships with the respective hosts for our no-show is definitely a motivator for us to at least attend and show face...mmm....seven houses may be?
Attending is no problem..but the logistics.....and our contingent is rather huge! ! The thought of having to go through the traffic in a snail-pace is agony in itself! The venues span across the Klang Valley...and we will try to attend to each and everyone's!
Must make a mental note..."Don't eat too much...!" : )


Xis said...

I guess my house in not in the list for openhouse... hehe... but I'll find another time to invite a few people over.. which surely won't fall during this raya season.. :) Anyway.. have a good time there.. :)

Anonymous said...


Selamat beraya! I'm the anon who knew yr name duirng our debating days. Nak tanya, Kitchen Guardian dah habis berpantang ke? Risaulah pulak dengar nak pergi beraya dengan meriahnya!! he he

Adam said...

Coming back to your blog after quite sometime. I can fully understand what you mean. Regained back what I lost in just a little over a week.

WANSHANA said...


I overheard a conversation at Doni's Open House that you and family were at Nut's raya do last Saturday? Hey...we were there, too - from 1:30pm until about 2:20pm!

Would have been great to have met you, Yani and the kids there. But, alas, tak der rezqi nak jumpa...:( Maybe next time, insya Allah.

Dad of Four said...

Xis - : )..A fren just complained...kalu tak buat open house org tak dtg..which is sad!

Anon - Kitceh guardian tak beraya....home bound!

Adam - Ya lah....

Shana - I was there with three of my kids about 3 pm (wanted to go earlier but had guests at home). Yani was at home...., tak ikut!

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on my mind certainly constantly