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05 October, 2007

Hajar's first ride

First ride
I took Hajar on her first ride - on day nine- (well not counting when she came back from the hospital) today. Yup just Hajar and me! I had to fetch Khadijah from her tuition class this morning and took the opportunity for a 10 minute bonding with her.....(much to the envy of her sister..LOL!). When Khadijah was a baby, I used to spend a lot of time with her on Saturdays since wifey used to work Saturdays. Bird Park, shopping..., Lake Gardens, shopping, ...shopping (window shopping that is!) were our turf! Or it would be just spending time at our backyard in her inflatable super mini pool.
Khadijah had this to say..."How come you never took picture of my first ride?"...Ermmmmm.....I was lost for words!
But then, there was no camera phone, right?

Day 9 pic - very calm, huh?

Day 9 pic - a bit hungry


Nafastari said...

Hey cepatnya besar..
Nampak mcm dah 2 bulan je.
Kalo org2 tua mesti x kasi bwk jalan2 slagi x abis 40. Tp En. Haq ni bapak moden, org zaman skang.. Hehee..


WOW! she has really grown, cepat sey....

so does she have her own baju kurung oredi?

Dad of Four said...

Ahmad-Cepat kan....? Biar dia tgk dunia cepat sikit...LOL

MC - My mom belum habis jahit baj kurung dia..Tp dah potong!

Mior Azhar said...

Sudah 9 days. Time flies and she doesn't look new brn anymore. Like Nafastari said mcm dua bulan... mcm my mom used to say bijaknya rupa dia..

Dad of Four said...


She looks older than her age...! Lama dah tak dengar org cakap "bijaknya rupa dia" LOL!

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly