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30 July, 2010

Normalcy reigns...

(picture : courtesy of Khadijah)

I can heave a sigh of relief now that normalcy has crept back in to our lives . It's my first posting of the year..I haven't blogged about our not-so-new addition..Neither have I corrected the misrepresentation of this blog...These two were actually the main obstacles which have stopped me from continuing to diarize my account of our lives for posterity..

So, the year has been horrible...- passing on of my beloved and only sister, being conned, maidless etcetera. I however have accepted this with utmost redha. I'm moving on with life and deal each day as it confronts me. I'm deeply humbled....

On the brighter side of things....Alhmdulillah, by God's grace, He has given us good health, good life as a whole and His abundance of Baraqah, kept us within permissible line and constantly reminded us of our duites and obligations to Him...What more can one ask?

Keeping my fingers crossed thatPraying that I will have the time to update more often.....


mom of three said...

salam - yes, redha we must, and thankful we should be for all His blessings.

takziah on the passing of your beloved sister.

if I may give my humble comment on a remark you wrote, "Keeping my finger crossed"... I frequently used this expression when hoping for something until a brother pointed it out to me that it originated from the Christian tradition, hence the act of crossing one's finger. I have since refrained from using the expression and instead say InshaAllah. Wallahualam.

Dad of 4+1 said...

Salam M.O.T,

Thanks for dropping by and glad for sharing your experience.

Zubaidatariq said...


I read your blog.. nice blog to read.! Thanks for dropping by and glad for sharing your experience.

John Williams
Zubaida Tariq Z T

zue said...

Salam, good to find that you're back to blogging. Like we all know whatever comes our way is a test from Allah...and he would not test us beyond what we can endure...glad that you are moving on in life..like all of us must, including myself...whatever comes our way..

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly