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22 August, 2008

Sun sea sand and....probable torn ligament

View from our day-rented-chalet
Ib was asking to go for a beach holiday. Wifey and I have been very busy that we did not plan anything for the school holidays...Two days ago, feeling rather guilty OR rather feeling a bit harassed, I, with the help of my partner, Superwomanwannabe, began scouring the internet as direct calls to hotels in Port Dickson, Cherating and Kuantan proved futile. We wanted a holiday which was within a reasonable distance from KL.....and decided either PD or Kuantan/Cherating. I am a no-fan of PD but wifey wanted somewhere near....PD was ok to me provided that wifey arranged for accommodation etc....Her mission became mission impossible and I took over immediately and my obvious choice was Kuantan/Cherating.

Managed to book one-night-two-chalets at Duta Sands Resort, Beserah for Friday night and left the second night open as Saturday night was impossible for me to book, then.

Fate had it yesterday that one of the suites at Swiss Garden was available! Booked it right away and we will be there tomorrow.

Only two pics available as of now as bloger.com refuses to accept piccies Or is it my 3G network....?
We left KL about half eight in the morning and had McD breakfast on the go....Reached Kuantan about ten and decided to visit Cherating beach as our first stop since check-in was 2pm. There were public shower for after-dipping session but we decided to rent a basic chalet at Tanjung Inn for three hours at a cheap price of RM45.00. It has attached clean tiled "modern" bathroom. The kids (dad included) had fun frolicking in the sun. Had lunch for RM33 - they served Ikan Patin masak tempoyak and other local dishes.
Made our way to Beserah after lunch and finally checked in at about 3 pm.... The kids didn't waste any time and headed to the pool...Yusof was more keen to play beach volleyball and forced me to play with him one on one...A 17 year old boy joined us later and Yusof paired with him against me....I was doing quite well until I fell down to return Yusof's serve...and clicked went something behind my ankle.....My ankl just gave way in a certain position.. A quick phone call to a doctor friend and was tol that my ligament might have been torn...man it was painful...I could still walk with limited movement..Haven't seen any ortho (or for that matter any doc) as at time of this entry and might just wait until we reach KL.
In the mean time, I just have a knee guard as a support (didn't realize that there are a few types of knee guard and I chose the one which has the most features among the options available which was an X-backed guard....gives one the most support, I guess). I so feel inadequate.........

On the serambi of our day-rented chalet


floweRinthedesert said...

OH dear tu la tak warm up dulu. poor u. hope tkde apa2 n u get well soon. :)

goboklama said...

tanda2 kita dh tak muda,heheh.. Get well soon Dadof5! :)

Dad of 4+1 said...

Rin & Qist - Read my latest entry....and thanks! Will have to undergo a 2-hour-surgery!!

on my mind certainly constantly

on my mind certainly constantly